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Gli shop di Alessia

My Birthday in Dubai


Dear pinelle and pinelli,

As you know, last Monday, 11 November, was my birthday and I decided to take off for a few days with friends and kids.
We went to Dubai, in search of some sun and a break away from work (I have just finished recording Fashion Style and now I’m ready for the new edition of  Big Brother!) but I did bring my computer with me so I could bring you up to date and answer your many, many comments!

I’ve known Dubai for donkey’s years, even before it became such a famous destination: the first time I went for a holiday with my son Tommaso was 10 years ago… there was hardly anything there and over the years I’ve seen it grow and grow. Now it’s like being in a New York by the sea of the Maldives: modern buildings, incredible from an architectural viewpoint, some of the biggest playgrounds in the world, art exhibitions, international cinema festivals, some of the most popular golf tournaments, all kinds of restaurants… not to mention the desert with its splendid colours just a stone’s throw away! In short, a veritable Toyland for young and old!!! 🙂

I didn’t take Tommaso this time because, being in third year of middle school, he couldn’t afford to miss important days of school… but rest assured, Mia and I were away for just 5 days. 🙂
I’m showing you the photos of the dinner I organised with my friends and my cousin Valentina at the famous restaurant Hakkasan (the same as in London), an incredible place where eastern food and modernity are perfectly combined. The general manager who is Italian and called Vinicio Alberelli (you can see him in a couple of photos with me) let me visit the kitchen of the restaurant and I was struck by the precision and the silence despite there being lots of cooks!!! I had stacks of fun and the background music was maaaad…  thanks to the brilliant and really lovely singer/DJ Nina Kay.

Pinelle and pinelli… it was an unforgettable evening and a really fun holiday! I want to create a post as soon as possible with all of the things you can find in Dubai… By now I’m well up on all the attractions for kids!!! Mia had more fun than I did (are you surprised?) 🙂


Vestitino: Madewell
Cinta: L.K. Bennett
Boots: Isabel Marant
Giacca di pelle: WLG by Giorgio Brato
Borsa: L’Aura

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