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Mia’s first fancy dress party!


Dear pinelle and pinelli… today I’m going to tell you about Mia’s first fancy dress party!!!!!

The time came about when her class mate turned 3 and her mum organised a fancy dress party. Mia couldn’t wait.. she was so excited she couldn’t even take her afternoon nap because she couldn’t stop thinking about her costume……. Hahahahahaahah!!!

I chose to dress her up as Minnie because my friend Ezia gave her the dress as a present a few days ago, so I just got the ears, the black tights and the ballet pumps with the pompoms which we already had at home and voilà! Only the face paint was missing….. Mia’s favourite part. 🙂

Whilst I was doing her whiskers Rebecca arrived, the daughter of Ezia, who you’ve seen plenty of times in this blog. Even if she is 5 and a bit older than Mia they have known each other forever and become best friends. 🙂

Rebecca was wearing a really amazing Cinderella costume, it surprised me to see her looking so royal she looked like a real Princess!

We arrived at the party and the kids looked insane! Horse riders, lions, ladybirds, queens and super heroes… a bit of everything, a wonderful sight to see all these children dressed up! I must say that it made me smile thinking about my fancy dress costumes from the 70’s/80’s… hahaha! I have to confess that my mum used to dress me up as a snake or as a Hungarian girl in clogs! (who dresses up as a Hungarian girl??? AHAHAH)

Anyway, we really enjoyed ourselves and the girls went wild playing. Mia of course didn’t want to take her dress off when we got home in the evening, she would have gone to bed in it if she could!

The cute thing is that, although the party was a few days ago now, Mia still makes me dress her up like it at home… with no where to go!! Let’s hope that we don’t have a repeat of Tommaso: when he was little he wanted to turn into Batman just from February until April getting some weird looks from everyone who saw us out and about in Rome! 🙂

T-shirt: IRO
Body: Wolford
Jeans: Cycle
Boots: Isabel Marant
Belt: vintage mercatino
Bracelet: Yvonne Christa

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