Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

A touch of neon!


Hey girls,

Today I want to dedicate an “extra layer of height” to my pinelle…

By now many brands are selling shoes for those not blessed with model height, who want to wear trainers and comfy shoes but don’t forgo the height.
Therefore I chose to take pictures of these shoes by Ruco Line which I think have a height of about 7cm inside…

I was leaving to go to work and I wanted to be comfortable, so therefore I put on this “boiler suit” jumpsuit that I had bought in London, it’s a mix between green and light grey. I honestly didn’t think that these (almost fluorescent) pink shoes would go so well but instead I felt so comfy as soon as I put them on and also a bit fun! Among all my sunglasses I also found this pair of Ray-bans that are practically the same colour, and looking in the wardrobe also this leopard print belt.

I saw that I had to walk quite far so to go on in comfort I put on the new Marks&Angels rucksack …

What do you say? Is it a fun look?


Green jumpsuit: TopShop
Belt: Nanni Milano
Shoes: Ruco Line
Backpack: Marks&Angels
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

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