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Grande Fratello 13 Episode 9 Look


Ciao pinelle!

And so the ninth episode has come and gone! Now there are only a few more episodes left, and I would like to see more of you in the studio!! It’s always so nice to give you a hug and get to talk to you, even if in a bit of a haste because of the show’s schedule, you always give me so much energy!

But moving on to this ninth episode look 🙂 Let’s say this time I chose quite a “daring” and “fun” look compared to usual, I wanted something a bit different… so here it is!

Denim shorts with pockets showing from Rag & Bone combined with an electric blue top from Topshop and on top a long white Stella Mc Cartney blazer! For the shoes, I chose some patent dark red courts from Casadei !!
Then ending it here with the ‘inevitable’ accessories… a round pendant on a chain from Stella Mc Cartney and some Maria Vittoria Paolillo gold rings!

This time the script writers made me start the show different to normal, so we were all rushing around as usual! But before going up to the house for the opening part of the show as usual we did our little good luck ritual!

But tell me the truth pinelle… did I manage to surprise you with my “rebellious” look?

See you next Monday!

Shorts: Rag & Bone
Top: Topshop
Blazer: Stella Mc Cartney
Shoes: Casadei
Pendant: Stella Mc Cartney
Rings: MVPCreations

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