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Grande Fratello 13 Episode 10 Look


Ciao Pinelle!

Did you think I forgot?! So here I am now showing you my outfit for the 10th episode of GF13.

For the Monday just gone I chose a complete Versace outfit, black leather trousers with fabric inserts and a beautiful white top with lots of shiny little beads giving it light and a perfect Donatella style print on it!!!
Then naturally a pair of black suede high heels with a platform from Casadei!

To complete the look an earring and a stone ring from Maria and Luisa jewels, woven silver Flaminia Barosini rings, and to finish a silver gothic style ring and bracelet from Manuel Bozzi.

As you can see, I opted for a rock look this week too… 😀

As by now you know… before and after a show you never really know what will happen so in fact on Monday, a little glitch got us all racing around to be ready on time! 😀 I would have loved you all to have been there to see us maniacs running from one end to the other! eheheheheh

However when I go to the studio the audience gives me energy and I’m finally ready for the show!

I can’t wait to see the pinelli and pinelle at the next episode! I want to meet you all!!!!

Trousers and top: Versace
Shoes: Casadei
Stone ring and earring: Maria e Luisa jewels
Woven ring: Flaminia Barosini
Silver ring and bracelet: Manuel Bozzi

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