Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Get the London boyfriend-look!


Ciao Pinelle!!! Today I am showing you a slightly masculine look, but I like it! Especially because it gives me that London feeling that I love so much! The outfit is simple but it has a few little details which I think make it that bit more intriguing!

But let’s get on to the description of the look… starting with the most ‘fun’ part: the Polo cap!!! I had so much fun playing around with it whilst we were taking the photos and in these recent warmer days, however not without sudden changes and ‘surprise’ rain, I think it’s an essential accessory for me seeing as I hate having to carry around an umbrella!! The same goes for the jacket, in Rome it’s starting to get really warm, but in the evening you need to wrap up… what’s more it’s waterproof!!! The thing I love most about this Baracuta item is the tartan lining inside!! 😀

Underneath I wore a simple yellow cotton t-shirt from Rag & Bone, boyfriend fit jeans turned up at the ankle, and some flat Fiorentini & Baker shoes with socks showing… so English!!!

The Morellato rings bring a touch of light and femininity to the outfit. The first is a steel ring with a red crystal and the other a double ring in steel and rose gold. They are simple yet perfect as presents or for your mums given that Sunday (don’t forget) is Mother’s Day!!! 🙂

Obviously I couldn’t leave out my dark leather vintage look Marks & Angels bag.

Looking at the photos I would say that this look with its masculine details almost has the “power” to make us look more feminine than many other outfits!! What do you say? Do you like it?

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mums… there have been some new Pinelle mums in the past few months!! 🙂

Jeans: Cycle
Shoes: Fiorentini & Baker
T-shirt: Rag & Bone
Jacket: Baracuta
Bag: Marks&Angels
Cap: Polo
Rings: Morellato

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