Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Bermuda shorts are back in fashion!!!


Ciao pinelle and pinelli, how are you all?

Today I was inspired by Julia Roberts’s outfit in Pretty Woman, in the scene where she leaves the hotel to go back to her normal life, do you remember it?

I bought these pair of bermuda shorts (that are just recently coming back in fashion!) and I was actually looking for something cute to go with it when this movie scene just popped into my head reminding me of how sophisticated she looked when she completely changed her life around:)

I know that bermuda shorts aren’t exactly very sexy (especially ones this length) and they don’t do much for the legs (well definitely not for mine anyway…ahahahah!), but I assure you once you combine them with a pair of elegant heels you will feel very feminine and sophisticated!!! Do let me know if you make some room for a pair in your wardrobe or not!


Bermuda shorts: Joie
Blouse and Sleeveless jacket: Vince
Clutch: Jimmy Choo
Shoes: Isabel Marant
Bracelet: YSL
Rings: Maria Vittoria Paolillo
Chain necklace: TopShop

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