Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

My Capsule Collection for Gaëlle Bonheur!!!


Ciao Pinelle!!!
Today I decided to show you the complete Capsule Collection that I designed in collaboration with Gaëlle Bonheur!
We chose a really bright and colourful pattern (you know that I love these bright colours), playing with just white and black bases, so that this way these beautiful colours stand out more!

As you can see in the photos, there are various models of dresses and T-shirts, and also some shorts and mini skirts perfect for the summer!

You have already seen the first outfit … it’s what I wore on the second to last episode of GF! It looks like a dress but really it’s a two piece outfit: top and maxi skirt! Then there are the shorts, tops and T-Shirts that you can mix as you like and look great with jeans! Then the mini dresses… perfect for this weather!!! The sexier one is the one that on the back has a white lace insert with a colourful pattern! You can wear it with anything… heels, ankle boots or even some flip-flops!

The whole collection is available for you to see and buy on the Gaëlle Bonheur site! I really hope you like it!!

Kisses to you all Pinelle!!!


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