Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Ready, set… Go!


Ciao Pinelle!

Today I want to show you some photos taken last week while Mia, Claudia and I went to the run-through of the final episode of GF13!!

Usually Mia doesn’t come with me while I am working or when I’m in the studio, especially when we have to do run-throughs for hours on end. However this time the other mothers in the crew and I arranged to bring our children to the studio to play together!! Obviously only for a few hours max… and after we took them home!! I must say that they were so well behaved! They played, coloured and sang while we rehearsed… and then had a snack in the dressing room before going back home!!!

But let’s get on to the look! It was a really hot day and as usual I decided to wear something comfortable and simple. I combined some black skinny jeans, ripped at the knee, with a top from the capsule collection I designed for Gaëlle Bonheur! Then I combined everything with the Ash boots that I’m obsessed with! 😀 For the final touch of colour, the Saddlers Union bag, that goes perfectly with the colours in the pattern of my top!

But on a sunny day like last Sunday, the only necessary accessory was the sunglasses!!! For this look I chose a pair from NAU!, a “Made in Italy” brand that transforms recycled plastic into the most fashionable and environmentally friendly sunglasses. These sunglasses are decorated by hand with enamel and golden filigrees and the shape of this model reminds me a bit of the 70’s divas! I fell in love with them and I think that they are a top quality product!

As you can see for Mia I chose a colourful look, pink and blue together with the scarf and lace socks like a true Princess!! Ready to have fun with her new little friends!

Jacket: Vince
Top: Capsule Alessia Marcuzzi per Gaëlle Bonheur
Jeans: TopShop
Sunglasses: Nau
Boots: Ash
Bag: Saddlers Union

Per Mia:
T-shirt: H&M
Trousers: Gap
Shoes: Naturino
Pashmina: Faliero Sarti

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