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Gli shop di Alessia

Rihanna and the new Dior campaign!


More and more often, great artists in music are acting as designers for the most famous fashion houses, which are literally going crazy for them…  we talked about this a few weeks ago in this post!

But perhaps the most successful partnership, or at least one that has recently attracted lots of attention and curiosity, is between Rihanna and Dior.
An alliance that for many seemed unusual and I would myself say really innovative for the French high fashion house. Just a few days ago, the full video for the Secret Garden IV campaign went online, produced by Steven Klein, immortalising the beautiful singer at the Versailles Palace. A vision cloaked in mystery, where everything is yet to be discovered in this enchanting location… like searching for some hidden secret. A hypnotising atmosphere, where she is sensual and beautiful as always, walking and dancing around the palace and its unmistakable gardens, in a whirl of different outfits. By candlelight and moonlight, giving us glimpses of the beautiful Esprit Dior Tokyo collection, Rihanna seems to be living in a fairytale, somewhere between the present and the past. Make sure you take a look!


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