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Crazy about SUP!


After all the tips for beach outfits, today I want to talk about the sport which literally captured me while I was with my family in France. This will be nothing new to those who follow me on Instagram, but I have completely lost my head for paddling, or what is more commonly known as SUP (Stand Up Paddle)!
And it would seem that I am in excellent company! In fact, it appears to be one of the most popular sports in recent years!
Perfect for staying fit even in summer, this sport began in the 1950s in Hawaii, but the current trend comes from Hollywood of course!
Besides being good for your whole body, toning arms, abs and all the back and leg muscles used to keep your balance on this long board, it is also much simpler than surfing or windsurfing!

You can begin by sitting with your legs in the water, and then gradually move up until you find your perfect balance! Just make sure you have a paddle that is long enough, otherwise you won’t be able to maintain the right posture and you could even injure your back … and of course you will also have to take a few unexpected falls into the water into account! But one thing is certain… you will have the perfect tan!!! As you can see, once I got the hang of it, I could “pull” Mia along in her inflatable boat… and the family curly locks even got up on the board with me a few times! Absolutely fearless! Of course she was wearing her armbands!!!

Anyway, between you and me, having beaten my Dad and Paolo at Buraco, now I can say that I have beaten them also at SUP! ehehehhe

hugs and kisses!!!
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