Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Evening red…


Hello there guys!!!!! How are you?
We are enjoying the final days of the holidays. Soon we’ll be back in the city and back to normality! 😉
Sorry if I’m not able to answer all your messages, the signal here is a bit up and down, but I still can read them… I am keeping an eye on you! ehehhe

Today I thought I’d show you the photos Paolo took of me on 31 December. We decided to take them here amidst all the greenery because the colour contrast seemed almost perfect. The white sand, the vibrant green of the palm trees and my long red dress which stood out against it so well!
The dress is by Mango, strapless, soft and sexy… it is just fabulous for dancing! I wore it for my New Year on the beach!
Yes, I know, it is summery and more suitable for the seaside holidays ahead. You might not feel like wearing it now… but long dresses have such great allure, even on the beach! 😉

So I’m told that in Italy it’s raining and even snowing up north!!! Are any of you Pinelle and pinelli snowed in?
A big kiss to all of you and have a great week!






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