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Nick Bateman, Instagram’s finest!


Having drawn up the 5 most watched videos on YT, crowned the Kardashian sisters as IG queens and dedicated a post to female deejays, we cannot but devote a few lines to him… the sexiest man on Instagram, namely Nick Bateman.
Don’t know him? Well… just click here (NOW!!!)!

The figures say it all: age 29 and 1m 89 tall, he’s a Canadian model from Ontario, with an IG profile boasting 4 million followers! Yup you read right… four million! Figures worthy of a real star!

He has been world champion in martial arts and a model for a variety of brands including Calvin Klein and Abercrombie, but now Nick is ready for the big screen. In fact, this year we’ll see him as the star of “Ugly Love”, the film of the eponymous book by Colleen Hoover in the same genre as the ultra famous “Fifty Shades”.

But it’s not just his six pack and perfect smile that make our head spin…  Believe it or not, we got to know him for his cute photos taken with his dog Joey, a sweet little Yorkshire terrier, who even has his own personal IG account! Ready to feast your eyes??? 😉

Nick Bateman-01
Nick Bateman-14
Nick Bateman-13
Nick Bateman-18
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