Good morning Pinelle,

as soon as I am awake, I need a little “push” to kick off my day… you can’t leave the house without a cup of coffee? Well, you may not believe me, but I need a little… ginger!

zenzero la pinella

When the alarm goes off, I stretch and run to the kitchen, ready for my daily cocktail.

I open the fridge, and take carrots, celery and, if it is the right season, oranges. I cut everything in pieces and then everything in a centrifuge… the smell of fresh fruit fills the kitchen. My good morning is ready, a colourful drink, refreshing, energizing and… It burns fat!

pinella_int_enAnd ginger? Here’s the trick Pinelle! Before mincing, add some slices of this fresh spice… I don’t know what you think, but a bit of spice wakes me up perfectly and there is also a hidden quality: it drives your metabolism so crazy, that it burns more calories than it normally does! Ginger has so many benefits. Perfect for your immune system. The best gem to take care of myself with…let’s try it ladies!


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