Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Bikini and eco-fur, a summer taste 


Good morning dear Pinelle,

with this mild weather, I really want summer to come ASAP! And here I am in a Sports Illustrated cover version. Let’s have a bit of imagination, because I can be so daring only because I am in a closed up room… ha ha ha ha ha 😉 the bikini under the black “Super Trash” eco fur coat, is by Frida Querida and it can be combined up to 9 times to create always new color matches! And my feet are still wearing Colours of California boots and a simple black hat.

Am I believable as a snow model??? Kisses to you all!

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Eco fur: Super Trash
Bikini: Frida Querida
Boots: Colours of California

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