As you may know, I love travelling! However, I also have another passion: food. And there is a strong connection between food and travelling…think about the last place you’ve been to, besides all the amazing places you’ve visited, don’t you associate a nice place with some interesting food you’ve tasted?

Fusion cuisine is a way to go somewhere, by travelling with your mind! Putting together different traditional cuisines, to create menus that have tastes and aromas never experimented before, surely this is a unique experience.
A way of travelling without actually moving, that symbolizes the unconditional love for food, a passion that translates in research and unique tastes. It is perfect for people like me that love experimenting.


cucina fusion

When I think about my beloved Rome and its international character, then I imagine myself sat at a table at Temakinho, a very particular place that can be found in Milan and Ibiza. Here you can explore smells from two apparently distant cultures: the Brazilian one and the Japanese one. A menu full of rich tastes and…temaki! If you go there, don’t miss out ceviche de atum, marinated and a bit spicy tuna with a hint of coriander and ginger.

In the Big Apple, Momofuko Noodle Bar is a must. This restaurant goes beyond fusion, there are influences from Korea and Japan, but if you ask the owners, they will tell you that they are 100% American…but after all, what’s the American culture but a mixture of traditions? And here you’ll be able to find anything, from the marshmallow dessert to beef tartar. Not to be missed.

And Paris is not only macaroons and baguettes! In Rue Charlot there is a really incredible place: Nanashi. Here the chef mixes two of my greatest passions, Japanese cuisine and bio. A mix that can please anyone, vegans and vegetarians too, because Japan is not just sushi! Try the organic salmon Chirashi… a true delight that will make you wonder if you are still in the French capital.

And you Pinelli, how many fusion cuisines have you tried?


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