Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

A spring Saturday…


Saturday is a day that I really like, I dedicate it to my family and my dear ones and last Saturday I managed to have some time for a coffee with my friends. Since it was a warm spring day, I choose a casual look, easy and colorful. And what do you think is the most vivid and energetic color? No doubt, it’s yellow. From the brightest lemon to the darkest mustard, all the shades of this fantastic spring color always captured me…the cotton jacket by Falconieri, comfortable and fresh. The neck is perfect to give space to the silky blouse. As you know Pinelli, I love wearing comfy jeans and super sexy high heels, and in this case, these Valentino shoes are perfect…

To have an original touch, I had to wear my yellow London Medium by Marks and Angels…and after some pics, I had to run. I was late and I couldn’t let me friend wait for me longer…

1_giacca_gialla_falconeri 2__giacca_gialla_falconeri 4__giacca_gialla_falconeri 5__giacca_gialla_falconeri 6__giacca_gialla_falconeri 7__giacca_gialla_falconeri 8__giacca_gialla_falconeri 9__giacca_gialla_falconeri 10__giacca_gialla_falconeri

Jacket: Falconeri
Blouse: Falconeri
Jeans: TopShop
Bag: Marks&Angels
Shoes: Valentino

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