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Mother’s day: a special moment


festa della mamma

festa della mamma

Today we talk about a special day, a unique event for mothers and daughters: Mother’s day. This Sunday, 8th of May, will be an important day, in which we will have to remember how wonderful being a mother is, but also a daughter… what’s the origin of this festivity? Anna Jarvis, us activist for women celebrated with a private party the commitment of being a mother and the other women who were fighting for the right to have an education, and that’s why, the 8th of May 1914, mother’s day became a national festivity in US. In England, they celebrate Mothering Sunday on the 6th of March, because they remember the day in which servants were allowed to go home to their families.

An important day, that is celebrated in different ways all over the world, but that has just one goal “celebrate the most important woman of our life”. Dear Pinelle, we can think about a special gift, an object to donate to our mothers or maybe, something we would like to receive from our kids 🙂

Surely the most important gift is to spend time together. Think about it dear Pinelle, there is nothing better than dedicate a whole day, live moments that we should remember forever… think about your moms and about what they could wish for…or maybe pick up your luggage and leave… away from everything. Like “Thelma e Louise”… hahhahaha…

At Casa Marcuzzi we have big celebrations for this day… many women and mothers, and especially my sweet grandma Mela, the head of the family, always present for her three daughters and all the relatives (husbands, sons&daughters, grandkids…)! She is really important to me, and she taught me to smile, no matter what…

Let’s think about gifts and about spending an unforgettable day…

A day together at the SPA

Special treatments, shiatsu massages, and then infusions and chit chatting all the time… so amazing to spend some time together and talk about everything, without the daily stress. In the beauty section of my App, you can find many ideas for Rome and Milan and also LondonParis and Dubai..

If you are in Rome, have a nice walk in the center and then go to Acqua Madre. A marvelous hammam in the center where you can have some relax…

An art day

My afternoon will be dedicated to Mia and I would like to live with her a funny and artistic moment… in Milan, we could go to Mudec where there will be events dedicated to kids, enjoy the Miro exhibition or spend the day at Vigna di Leonardo, a special place where you can submerge in the nature and art….

A yummy day

Oh yes Pinelle, if you love sweets, especially chocolate, then the 8th there is no room for a diet… give yourself a break with Ernst Knam in Milan, that made something very special for mom, a plant made with chocolate and sugar flowers.

There are also total look coupons with cut, perm, manicure, face cleansing and personalized make up that you can use at Mac and Sephora. Mac proposes a double make up session with a make-up artist! There are a lot of nice ideas Pinelle, but don’t forget to take a nice pic with your mom, wherever you’ll go and whatever you’ll do… it will be an amazing moment to remember. I like to look at mother and daughter’s pics from the fashion and cinema world, because they share such a special bond…

festa della mamma

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