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Gli shop di Alessia

Infusions? Also during the summer!


Tisane Fredde - La Pinella

Hello Pinelle, how was the weekend?

After this fantastic adventure at the Coca Cola Summer Festival, I’m relaxing a bit this morning with a nice infusion….a cold one!! Did you think that infusion could only be drank hot n during the winter? No!! to be hydrated and refreshed there is nothing better than a cold infusion, maybe with some diced fruit!

With this hot weather there is nothing left to do but to drink plenty of water and light clothes… like my jersey dress by H&M, incredible in this green version! Perfect during the day with a pair of super flat sandals or with a pair of white All Stars that I love…

But today Pinelle, I decided to stay barefoot, after this weekend with high heels my feet refused to wear anything.

I am enjoying my infusion with blueberries, with some orange peel, fresh mint and ice!! Delicious!!!

Have a good week pinelle!!

Tisane Fredde - La PinellaTisane Fredde - La PinellaTisane Fredde - La Pinella

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