Let’s start the week in a fit way! As you might have seen, I took advantage of the nice weather in London to do some outdoor training. Doing some fitness outside is stimulating and it is good for your body and for your soul. It increases the levels of serotonin and it gives us wellbeing and serenity.

If we get tanned, then it’s even better!

So I decided to wear my sporty clothes and i went with Paolo to Hyde Park! Running 10 minutes in the park, enjoying the sight and the smells, and then, on the floor to workout a bit! Nothing exaggerated of course! Just 4 exercises that will help you tone up your body.

To start, 3 series of 15 squats each, the best way to train your legs and gluteus!

Workout - Hyde Park

Then the hardest part for me… 3 series with 10 stretches each, with crossed legs. Super useful to strengthen the mussels of your arms… but it is very tiring Pinelle  ?
Workout - Hyde Park

Last, sit ups, fundamental to make your belly disappear. The firsts 3 sequences with low sit ups and then lateral ones.
Workout - Hyde Park

By the end, I didn’t want to get up, I felt like I had been climbing a mountain  ???
Workout - Hyde Park

And you Pinelle? Any exercise to keep you in a good shape?
Workout - Hyde Park Workout - Hyde Park


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