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Back to work: autumn outfits for the office!


Dear Pinelle,

autumn has officially begun, holidays are over and it’s time to go back to the office! With the new season, it’s time to open out closet, change the clothes and wear the perfect everyday outfit.

But how to dress to got to work with style?

Some ideas for an impeccable workwear!

Suit is surely an evergreen… but for a chic outfit, mix some of the clothes that you surely have in your closet: sheath skirt, stretch blouse and short jacket with a belt on the waistline… and for your feet, décolleté shoes or high heels loafers, MUST HAVE of this year! Here’s the sophisticated and elegant look you were looking for!


pics by Cosmopolitan


For a professional and comfy look, combine a pair of high waist trousers, with a bow belt, a silk blouse and a masculine blazer on top. A pair of lace-up shoes… Et voila, ready for a day at the office!

Look da ufficio

pic by Cosmopolitan

And for those of you who loved the overalls this summer… you can wear it in autumn too, in a much more elegant version, with different fabrics that you can combine and match with a belt, a masculine jacket and ankle boots!

Look da lavoro - tute eleganti

Pics by MyLuxury & Donnamoderna


Don’t forget about the bag! It has to be a maxi bag for me, so I can bring with me everything I need…tablet, documents, pc, phone…you’ll never know!

What’s your favorite workwear pinelle?

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