Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Christmas presents in Milan!


Dear Pinelle,

I bet that many of you took advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend to buy some Christmas presents in advance, well done!

I already managed to get some ornament and decorations, but I have to admit that, as always at this point of the year, I need to hurry up and finish my Christmas gifts list, in order to start buying some presents!

So today, my dear Milanese pinelle, at least I’ll try to help you by giving you some hints about my favourite stores in Milan.

I’ll let you discover all of them, hoping that this will come in useful for me too, lol!!

Wait and see:

This is probably one of the trendiest stores in Milan, and it’s really difficult to come out of there empty-handed! I assure you that your Christmas present will be a real success, no matter if it’s a bijoux, a purse, a jacket or a simple accessory!




Giolina e Angelo:
Lots of women in Milan are crazy for this jeweller lab, me included! I decided to wear some of these jewels during a couple of episodes of Italian reality show L’Isola dei Famosi, because when I had a look at some pieces, it was love at first sight! Since it’s a lab, you also have the chance to reinvent your old jewels in an original way, and that’s definitely a magnificent present to give to a special person.





This boutique surely doesn’t need presentations for those who know or live in Milan! It is one of my favourite stores in the city, and it’s perfect for a fashion victim present! It’s also got an online shop, take a look at it!




Magazzini 10 corso Como:
This outlet (that can be found behind an internal courtyard) exhibits unsold items from the concept store in Corso Como, with discounts up to 75%. The articles are bizarre and a bit expensive, but I’m sure that if you go you’ll be able to find something at the right price for you!




Made in the shade:
It’s a former butcher shop in the Navigli area, that has now become a valued fashion store for men and women with Indian American influences. Jewels, dresses, shoes and accessories, you must go and have a look! It it worth going to even if you only want to visit the Navigli decorations during holidays.


Il circo delle pulci:
This is the most colourful and peculiar local market that you can find, with unique vintage style items. It is always original and you feel like dreaming while walking through labs for kids, stands, different types of food and shows. During Christmas, the atmosphere is fascinating. The location changes every time, so you better take a look at their Fb page.




I will soon tell you more places to go to, but in the meantime you can discover them yourselves by downloading my La Pinella City App, for iPhone and Android!

Starting from tomorrow, we will still have 25 more days ‘till Christmas, in order to make

everyone happy.

Good luck then!

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