Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Dear Pinelle,

For years we had to worry about finding the perfect bra, in order that it could be seen as little as possible when worn under a dress, a blouse or a under shirt, but now this is not a problem any more.

Fashion has freed us from the “Bra”obsession: now that we like to uncover our skin more and more, the bra has become a very important detail for our outfit.


All we need to do is to expose it just a little bit, underneath elegant blouses and smocks, but even underneath dresses, warm sweaters and cardigans.

What type should I choose?

Surely a lace bra: they are my favourite, especially if they are comfortable for your back and if they let you show a little cleavage. It doesn’t matter if the bra doesn’t match what you’re wearing, because colour contrast also works!

In conclusion, people like exposed lingerie…. it’s sensual and elegant and there is no point in hiding it any more!

Only rule: expose yourself, but show some taste.


(Victoria Secret)

(Victoria Secret)





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