Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia



Dear Pinelle,

Today we fly back in time, into the fantastic 80s and the movie Flashdance!
This look makes me think about the movie’s main character, do you remember her? Alex, my new name!!!
Ok, I might not dance like her, but our looks are definitely similar. My total H&M look does remind us of the 80s, but it’s the new spring/summer trend: rouges and volant.

There are many romantic pieces like this one in the H&M collection, and by wearing it in front of the mirror, a felt like a real dancer, matching the sweatshirt with the sock, together with leg-warmer and chignon… lol!
Talking about the trend again, this season having a volant dress in your closet is a must! There are many different types, you can find volant skirts, pants, sweaters and blouses. Have you bought one already?






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