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Gli shop di Alessia

5 magic places in Dubai!


Dear Pinelle,
we are heading towards the Easter weekend and Easter Monday and many other long weekends that can be useful to take some days off and relax a little! So today I fell like dreaming and think back about the magic Dubai and Arab Emirates atmosphere. More than a year ago now, I spent some fantastic days in beaches and unique places that I would like to share with you once again.

So, if maybe one day you will want to go there for a vacation (why not this summer), or if you will find yourself there for work, I hope that my tips will be helpful!

Before telling you about my favourite beaches, I will recommend some of my favourite restaurants:

Reem al Bawadi: this place is a must for both residents and western visitors . Their Lebanese cuisine is delicious, but even the more typical dishes are really tasty. The atmosphere is enchanting, especially in the evening, when you will also find very good music. Since this restaurant is a bit far from the city centre, it is not allowed to drink alcohol, but I suggest you try it because of its food and to smoke the typical “water pipe” with all its different flavours, the Shisha.

Pierchic : this is one of my favourite restaurants in the city. Not only will you eat very good quality fish, but you will also enjoy the breathtaking view this place has to offer: you’ll be able to see the entire gulf, the coast, Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab, Dubai’s famous palm tree! Keep this address in mind, and use it for some really special occasion, because I assure you that it’s definitely worth it!

West 14h: If you want to taste some good meat, than this is the place for you! This steak house reminds a lot about New York’s Meatpacking District and West 14h Street, from which it gets its name, but it is a clearly different atmosphere from the Big Apple because of its fantastic view… The restaurant is on top of the Palm trunk from where you are able to see many of Dubai’s skyscrapers.

Bianca Mozzarella & Co: this is the perfect place if you want to try some Italian food. I love this restaurant, very easy and ideal for lunch, breakfast and family dinner. Chef Gino will make you feel like home, offering you some delicious dishes with a touch of Neapolitan taste. The pasta menu changes every week, but if you’re lucky and you find its “pasta and potatoes”, you have to try it! For those of you who love sweets, than I suggest you try the chocolate cake (white or dark)… delicious!

And, last but not least, we have Zuma, the most famous Japanese restaurant in the world! It would be better to try this place on a special occasion, but if you can’t wait, than you better go after dinner, because its cocktails and location are simply extraordinary,

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