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Gli shop di Alessia

My #naturecuddles with my friends!


Dear Pinelle,

another week has passed, and I’m very excited! You would ask yourself why…. Well, I have a trick… When I think about relaxing, it automatically reminds me of the mornings that I spend with my Sognidoro infusions. They are fantastic, they help me taking a break from everyone and everything, and even though I’m by myself, I still feel cuddled.

Each Sognidoro infusion is a cuddle of nature but also a time to share with friends… I know that they are very important to make everyday of my life really special!
Thanks to my Cuddle Button I chose 4 people from which I would like to receive some tenderness, and I have to admit that I realised that a very special moment gets even better when shared with the people you love the most.

If you register to the contest, you too could also win some cuddles and be able to receive tenderness and make your day really special just by sending a message… That’s what I did, and here they are, together with me!
Have a nice weekend, my dear pinelle!!

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