Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

One day with Mia at the park!


Dear Pinelle,

here we are again, describing this week’s look.

Last Monday it was a beatiful sunny day, so I decided to spend the entire afternoon in a park near to my house with my little Snipulina, after school. That’s the reason why I chose to dress in a very comfortable way, with jeans, a simple striped shirt and my beloved Ugg boots. I know that many of you will probably disagree about the shoes choice, but maybe not all of you know that Ugg bots were created in Australia for a clear purpose: to find a comfortable footwear that would let surfers warm their feet while outside water. Ok, I didn’t use them to warm my feet, but as a comfortable shoe in order to play with Mia… To me they are like slippers!

Speaking of Mia, she’s the one that took all the pictures that you can see below! Wasn’t she great??

Sweater  Ele Collection

Jeans Isabel Marant Etoile

Boots Ugg

Bag Marksandangels

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