Tartan vs Tartan!

Tartan vs Tartan!

Ciao Pinelle!!

I know, I know… looking at these photos today of course you’re saying: more tartan?!? Enough already!!!! Hahaha But you know, when I’ve got a fixation on something we’re all screwed!!!

However this time, I wanted to experiment! As you can see, I’m wearing the same pattern twice in this outfit, in order to make it a bit more incisive and fun, therefore I tried to keep the base colours dark so they don’t clash.

The stars on the grey/black top suddenly made me think of my M&A black bag with silver studs!! A classic that I adore!

So, you can see the final outcome below. What do you say? I think it’s a very relaxed street-style look. I thought that the combination of the tartan shoes and tartan jacket would be too much, but instead I have to confess that I love it!

What do you think about this look?

Happy Monday everyone!!!

Jeans: JBrand
Shoes: Converse



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