Second summer must-have: the bikini, what an obsession!!

Second summer must-have: the bikini, what an obsession!!

Ciao Pinelle!!!!! Here I am with the second must-have of my summer: the beloved swim suit!!!!!!

To follow are some of my faves… all two-piece, with one exception for the Trikini by Niki B, which I couldn’t possibly exclude!

When I pack my bag for the beach, be it for a weekend, or for longer, I simply cannot decide… and so I bring a whole bunch!! Also because I like to mix and match them, sometimes wearing one top with different bottoms. Then, I fall in love with one in particular, and I end up wearing just that… or almost! 😀 But I still have to bring all of them with me!

This year, I tried on so many before setting off, remember? Leopard print, with multi-coloured patterns, plain, two-tone, scattered with stars… If you haven’t already picked your favourite, click here to find a vast selection of all kinds of swimwear (not just bikinis) for this summer!

Hugs and kisses Pinelle!!




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