Sunglasses, this summer’s trends

Sunglasses, this summer’s trends

Sunglasses are an intriguing accessory that can give you instant style and personality. So it’s important to choose them with care, to add that extra touch to each look. Today, we’re going to talk about this veritable must for the summer, perfect for protecting your eyes from the sun (especially for those of you who are blue-eyed) but for me, it is an accessory I can never be without, not even in winter! If I’m not wearing them when I leave the house, then you can be sure they are in my bag… forgetting them is not an option, basically!
Coloured frames, classic frames but coloured lenses, mirror lenses, glitter or wooden frames?
I like experimenting and I often change shape and style. And then, let’s be honest, sometimes sunglasses can save us by hiding the bags under our eyes after a sleepless night with the kids or out with the girls!!!!!
So what are the most on-trend colours and shapes for this spring/summer? Here is a series of particularly gorgeous collections offered by the best brands in the trade and the most fashionable trends… Just pick out your faves!!!

Spitfire Sunglasses

Miu Miu
Calvin Klein
Rihanna - occhiali da sole Dior
Dolce e Gabbana
Louis Vuitton
Olivia Palermo - Occhiali da sole Dior
Vogue Eyewear

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