Xmas Time!

Xmas Time!

And here we are, girls… as promised, today we’re going to talk about looks for the holidays.
The girls of the LaPinella crew and I have put together six looks, by looking through the on-line stores and special collections dedicated to Xmas Parties! In the end we opted for the ideas you can see below, some of which are low cost and some a little bit less… but it’s also nice to dream, and they are garments that could inspire you to complete your looks!

You can use some of them for your Christmas Parties and others also for Christmas Eve or Christmas dinner… anyway we hope that you like them because, to tell the truth, we really had a lot of fun playing with this version 2.0 of “Wheel of fashion”! ahahaha!!!
From the little red dress which looks bon ton but also has an intriguing detail (a zip on the back that runs right down the dress), to the unique skirt and blouse outfit full of details. From the black flared dress with a low neckline, worn with gold accessories, to the outfit featuring jeans, a rhinestone top and flat shoes, for those who want to be comfy but also fashionable and very Christmassy… And, last but not least, two looks full of light: the first with an asymmetrical sequinned skirt and ton-sur-ton blouse, and the second featuring a very sexy little silver dress to wear with total black accessories for an ultra-chic result!

And remember what I’m always telling you… if you have a really showy garment, complete your look with something simple, as this is the only way for you to be gorgeous, elegant and never too over-the-top!
What do you think… have we done well?



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