Dear Pinelle and dear Pinelli, lately you will have noticed that I am taking more and more of my photos outside, sparing you my beige wall at home – hahaha!

Claudia and I usually take my photos at home because paparazzi have set up camp permanently outside my front door – I know them all personally by now – and they follow me truly everywhere, so much so that at times it feels like I have personal body guards. When I go out in the morning they spring up like weeds all over the place and sometimes when I set off for the park with Mia I wonder if people can really be interested in seeing me in photos in magazines, always in the same situations and the same place: pushchair, swings, park. So every now and then I make fun of my “bloodhounds” from afar and shout: “Go and find a real scoop, there’s not much chance of one here!” I’m telling you all this to explain why it’s difficult to take photos outside… I would feel too much on show.

Every now and again though, Claudia and I find the right moment and… yippee, we manage to fool them!!! Here I am outside my house, ready to go out in the car, but not before I show you today’s outfit, all totally Topshop. I bought these things on line, apart from the shoes (I got those last year in London) and I hardly spent anything. The glasses were not low cost but I wanted to show you them anyway… they’re by Stella McCartney and the bag is my Marks&Angels. Do you like this look?


– Total look: Topshop
– Sunglasses: StellaMcCartney
– Bag: Marks&Angels
– Bracelets: Mariangela Vitale


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