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Gli shop di Alessia

Summer look for a special occasion


Dear Pinelle, rarely do I come up with something a bit elegant because, as you know, I prefer more casual looks and low heels, but I thought that with it being summer, you might have more than one party to go to and so a suggestion could come in handy.

I got this orange dress (colour is a must for me in the summer!) from Compagnia Italiana at a really affordable price and I teamed it with a belt and sandals by Lanvin that you’ve already seen a few times, to make it even more elegant and glamorous. The necklace is a piece of costume jewellery sent to me by one of you, LaNinna, and apart from the fact that it’s extremely beautiful, I think it looks perfect with this dress. I bought the little leather pochette quite a few years ago in a flea market in France and have pulled it out of the wardrobe after ages… every now and again it’s nice to unearth something we had almost forgotten and find that it’s still totally on-trend!

Have you got weddings or special occasions for celebrating with your loved one? I hope this outfit helps, even if you just change the accessories!

Love and kisses to all of you!


 Dress: Compagnia Italiana
Necklace: LaNinna
Belt: Lanvin
Sandals: Lanvin


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  1. Giadina

    It’s amazing 🙂
    Sei davvero stupenda Ale! Che bello l’arancione! Fantastica e … Osiamooooooo!!! 😉
    Un abbraccio,


  2. Chicca

    Ale sei bellissimaaa….e questo vestito ti sta una meraviglia !!
    Un bacione :)))))))))))

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