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Gli shop di Alessia

“Flower Party” look for Pinelle with a hippie soul


Dear Pinelle and Pinelli, today it’s… Flower Poweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Flower Power” is a typical hippie expression and it inevitably reminds us of summer parties at the beach. Don’t let’s forget that hippies are also called “flower children”. 🙂

What I have to tell you is that dressing like this made me immediately feel happy and I imagined being at a flower power on the other side of the world… I was actually at home taking photos with Tommaso and Mia watching me like I was some mad woman (not that I blame them!).

Seeing as how you might get invited to a “flowery” party this summer and given that flowers and exotic prints are this year’s must-have, I wanted to pass on a few ideas and a suggestion or two for possible looks. I have flowers everywhere: the print on the dress, in my hair, on my shoes (no tattoos though – hahaha!). I have even put on a long fine necklace from a jeweller’s in Lecce called Fili e Grani Gioielli – they make the loveliest things.

What do you think? Are you dying for a Pinels’ Flower Party??? Shall we organise one??? 🙂 I’m ready – how about you? 😀 😉


Dress: Champagne & Strawberry
Sandals: Prada
Flower: bought in a market in Ibiza
Pink gold necklace: Fili e Grani



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  1. Giadina

    I like it so much!!!

    This is a beautiful dress!!

    Sei stupendissima e i fiori mi piacciono sempre moltissimo!!

    Ti lovvo e ti stimo fratella!

    Peace & love 🙂

  2. LaCrilla

    Presente! Io ho una hippie soul! Non potevo mancare un post così…direi perfetta, anche per una passeggiata sulle spiagge della mia amata Goa!

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