Dear Pinelle, as promised, I have decided to go a little against the tide at the moment and suggest the classic one-piece bathing suit for this summer. And why not, a change every now and then is important! Let me finish: even if we choose to sunbathe a little more covered-up, swimming costumes do have a certain je ne sais quoi!

Starting with the fact that we feel ever so elegant and a bit of a diva really (that’s why Claudia and I took these photographs in true Hollywood style!!) and men do sometimes like to see women a bit more concealed, as that way they have to use their imagination more. 🙂 Last, but by no means least, they also give us the chance to cover up any flabby bits or swellings… so it’s simply the best! Some days we really just can’t face putting on a bikini, for various reasons, so here we have our saviour: the legendary one-piece, a bit Baywatch, but also allowing us to feel that bit more protected.

I did some research to find out who exactly made the classic swimming costume, maybe reviewed and with bright colours, and came across this company called Muryx. The costumes are all the same but are available in all the colours you can possibly imagine and the fun thing is that you can match a cover-up dress to go over it (same colour or contrast, as I’ve done) and this fantastic bracelet you can see in the photograph. And one more benefit: they also keep a firm grip on even larger breasts. 🙂

So tell me Pinelle: bikini or one-piece? I look forward to hearing what you have to say!




One-piece bathing suits: Muryx

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  1. elisa

    Cara Ale la mia pinella del <3 sei tu, io ti adoro perché sei donna che parola alle donne ,tuo blog per le donne ma anche per del piccole pinelle crescono e lo trovo wow . Grazie alla mia pinella <3 per essere sempre una ottima amica di moda
    Tu stai bene con tutto.
    Insomma Ale ti voglio bene e un bacio alla piccola Mia e TommY

  2. jenny

    ma ci sono i negozi in italia o si può comprare solo online?

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