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Gli shop di Alessia

Summer 2013: my holiday wish list


We’ve been waiting for ages. It sent us out of our minds and looked as if it was never going to come… but here it is: summer is finally here for real!

We’re all in holiday mood and me no less than anyone else, even though I’m up to my eyes with work (“Extreme Makeover Home Edition”, adverts, etc.) and I won’t get much of a chance to relax, just the odd moment here and there. That said, I still intend to create some “me time” and enjoy the sunshine and, as I imagine you Pinelle will be soaking up some rays too, I’ve decided to put together a list of products that might be useful for you and, if you’ve got any, your little ones too.

For details on all the products and links so you can buy them online, visit

– Clinique CC Cream
– Havaianas Slim flip flops
– KWay trolley
– Avène self-tanning lotion
– Kiehl’s baby cream


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  1. Francy

    Mammaaaa Ale.. che voglia di mare!!!!!!!!!!! con questo post poi…. Le mitiche infradito non possono mancare e… bè, nemmeno gli abbronzanti!!!! -4 settimane e poi finalmente x la 22^ volta Salento sia!!!!! W l’Estate… tutto è colorato.. e tutto è bello!!!! Bacio Alessiuccia!!!

    1. Francesca Q.

      Brava Francyyy,,, vieni nel nostro Salento! 😉 che posto hai scelto?

      1. Francy

        Torre Suda/Torre San Giovani da 24 anni… e mamma e papà da 35… 20 giorni irrinunciabili!!! W il Salento e I salentini!!!!!!!!

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