Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Fashion inspiration from London


Ciao to all my Pinelle and Pinelli! Today I’m proposing a slightly ad-libbed look, taking inspiration from lots of girls I saw this summer in London while wandering around the city.

You know that London is sort of my second home, I’ve known it for many years, I lived there for a while and its constant ferment never fails to amaze me. It’s so great to watch people on the street and see how they feel so free from stereotypes!!! So, looking at the shop windows and studying the mood for next fall-winter, I’ve realised that the Eighties are still totally on trend. Very high-waist trousers, all kinds of patterns, slightly boho hats and above all DENIM DENIM DENIM!!! Denim jackets, waistcoats, shorts… all garments that hark back to Madonna in “Get Into The Groove” or more still the legendary Cindy Lauper. 🙂

I bought these denim shorts, red silk tank and blush colour jacket from Topshop (you can find them all online), while for the accessories I went for slightly more expensive but really unique brands: boots by Isabel Marant and Chanel shoulder bag. I like to team low-cost brands with a few high quality garments or accessories but, if that’s not possible, mixing just as trendy high street boots and bag is more than fine!

I went out with Claudia and we took these photos on my street… what do you think? Like them?

Shorts – Jacket – Tank: Top Shop
Hat: Uniqlo
Belt: Dsquared
Personal rings
Bracelets: Nadine S
Earrings: Nina tra le Nuvole
Glasses: Ray-Ban
Bag: Chanel
Boots: Isabel Marant 


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