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Gli shop di Alessia

The everyday casual look


Hi Pinelline!

Today I’m going to show you a great look that pretty much sums up a typical day in my life recently.

The alarm goes off early and all pinelle mums will know what that means. The kids have to get up for school and us mums need to do the school run and then start our day.
Recently I have been commuting back and forth between Rome and Milan for Fashion Style and when I’m at home I often have to go into the studio and work on the next edition of Big Brother. The other day I had a meeting with the production team to decide on a few details (stay tuned, I’ve got some amazing news! :)) and as I had to spend all day going from one place to the next I needed a relaxed look that meant I could get everything done but still feel comfy for hours on end.

And here’s the result in the photos below. This easy-to-wear outfit enables me to feel relaxed and is also incredibly practical! 80s style J Brand leather leggings and a super soft sweatshirt top are topped off, as is almost always the case, with bold accessories that really make the difference: the shoes, the bag and the bracelets all bring this look to life!

The sneakers are by Aniye By and the sandy tone goes great with the glitter detail of the rest of the shoe. These are now in the top ten of my favourite shoes! 🙂 They are ultra-comfy, just like trainers, but all the sparkle and detail make them also perfectly on-trend and really versatile.
Last but not least, what do you think about the L’Aura bag? To me it’s perfect, the colours and the details match perfectly with the shoes giving more light to the look!

At the end of the day this outfit proved to be an absolute winner. An-easy-to-wear look that’s great for work and for those moments when I have to dash off to pick up Tommy and Mia!!! 😉

Leather pants: J Brand
Sweatshirt: James Perse
Sneakers: Aniye By
Bag: L’Aura
Glasses: Dolce & Gabbana


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  1. Francy

    Ale.. Quanto è comodo questo look!!!! Bellissime le scarpe… Ah, ma la borsa è fantastica!!!!
    Ho appena visto la tua intervista a verissimo… che emozione Laura! Sei Fantastica Ale!!!!
    (quando mi capita di passare qualche giorno a Roma penso sempre di beccarti a Villa Borghese!Ahahahah! Chissà perchè poi, proprio li…..) Ciao bella!!!! Un saluta dalla grigia Pianura Padana!

    1. Avatar photo

      Si le scarpe sono comode e fashion…..
      A verissimo mi sono emozionata….

  2. Sabrina T.

    ci piace:) il mood casual è il migliore, adoro il tuo abbinamento, semplice ma chic, la borsa è davvero carina. Quoto gli outfit sportivi! a presto cara

    Patchwork à Porter
    Facebook Page

    1. Avatar photo

      Outfit sportivo-comodi-cool e’ il massimo

  3. ilaria

    bellisimo outfit e sempre con uno stile che ti distingue!! SEI LA NUMERO 1. Ilaria da London

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