Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

At the playground with Mia!


Dear pinelle and pinelli,

Today I’ve decided to post you some photos taken at the playground with my daughter. I felt like sharing this part of our day with you… as we go there often and Mia always has such great fun!

What you can see in the photos is the park of Villa Balestra in Rome, quite near to where we live. Up until a while ago Mia and I were there practically all the time, and everyone knew us! This summer we would walk there, and there would always be a group of kids waiting for us at the playground, ready to run amok with her! But then in September Mia started nursery school, and so now we tend to go there at weekends, weather permitting of course!!! 🙂

Last Saturday it was a beautiful sunny day and some friends came to see us. We immediately took advantage of the fine weather and went to the playground together!!! Mia was delighted and played like a maniac… slides, swings, rocking horses and lots of running here and there… a little tornado! Claudia, of course, looked after the photos. My look is really simple: baggy top, boyfriend-style pants, boots… and my little khaki green star-studded Marks&Angels bag was splendid, just like this hot sunny autumn weather!!

Pinelle mums, do your kids have their own favourite playground?

Trousers: Cycle
Jersey: Topshop
Boots: Isabel Marant
Jacket: Rag&Bone
Bag: Marks&Angels

Mia Look:
Leggings: Gap
Shirt: Ralph Lauren Baby
Sneakers: Philippe Model

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  1. Fedefede

    Ale…che dire?bei momenti,belle foto,bella tu e mia!il look passa in secondo piano!!!al parco anche io ci vivo,i bimbi si divertono (si stancano eh eh eh) e ci scappano chiacchere e risate con le altre mamme!abito vicino a te ed ogni tanto andiamo a villa balestra…prossima volta che ti incontro se riesco a non vergognarmi urlo pinellaaa cosi ti saluto…se non ti sei spaventata ah ah ah! Un bacio fedefede

    1. Avatar photo

      Aspetto che mi vieni incontro, se non lo fai mi arrabbio!!!! 😉

      1. Mauretto

        Io invece non mi vergogno ma siamo lontani perciò ti dico organizza una cena oppure dicci quando scendi a villa balestra così veniamo…… 🙂

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