Dear pinelle and pinelli,

Big Brother kicks off again in January and I am soooo excited and happy… just like the first time! After a break of almost two years, the programme is back and… It’s going to be even more explosive than ever, I promise.
The authors have been working hard for several months and right now, in different cities in Italy, auditions are underway for aspiring tenants for the most famous house in Cinecittà!
Now that recording for Extreme Makeover Home Edition and Fashion Style is over, I have time to go in the editing department here in Rome… I need to start getting back into the workings of the programme and to look through the faces being chosen by the authors.

So yesterday I popped in with Claudia, who is not only now one of your friends, is also -and has always been- my costume designer for the programme. We are already beginning try out a few dresses for the first episode but do not fear… I’ll keep you posted!!! 🙂

What you can see are the photos taken on my arrival at editing, in one of the offices of Endemol Italia. I decided to show you these shots so you can really get an idea of my everyday life!
Oh, I almost forgot! I have a surprise in store for you this year…but I can’t tell you just yet!!!!!!!!!! 😉

Jacket: Cos
T-shirt: Vince
Leggings: Laneus 
Scarf: Faliero Sarti 
Glasses: Just4me 
Bag: Marks&Angels 
Boots: Jil Sander 


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