Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Tartan and Stripes: opposites attract!


Dear pinelle and pinelli, how I love mixing and matching!

I know, I may have gone slightly overboard in the look I’m showing you today:  tartan with stripes is definitely a bit much, but believe me, I felt so comfortable strolling around the city like that…hahahahaha!
Perhaps it’s because I’ve just come back from London, and there everyone dresses as they please and no one bats an eyelid, or maybe because I just needed a bit of cheer. Well, whatever it was, I didn’t wait one second to capture my almost carnevalesque outfit and share it with you!

Tartan might have had its day but I guarantee you that this coat can be worn with absolutely anything, and because it’s a large men’s size it covers everything underneath. And the stripes? I’m crazy about them… I think I have dozens of tops and t-shirts with every kind of stripe… I find them youthful and they give an air of sassiness to any woman!

When I left the house with Claudia, we met a girl called Giulia, who lives in the building near mine and who often bumps into me while I’m taking snaps.
Giulia is about 20, studies fashion in Rome and told me that many of her friends follow LaPinella. I must say I was thrilled!! Sure, I’m used to receiving compliments for my work in TV (and they are always a pleasure to receive too!!!), but I simply cannot believe I have such a big following on this blog which sprang from a “simple” passion and which, so far, has been getting so much positive feedback thanks to you guys and your constant support! I feel (and I’ll always feel) like an amateur and I don’t see myself as a fashion expert… let’s just say that I try, in my own way, to share my personal tastes by giving you a few tips and involving you in my everyday life! 🙂

Thanks to all of you and a big hug to Giulia, my neighbour and promising young fashion talent!! 🙂

T-shirt with stripes: Rag & Bone
Skirt: TopShop
Pantyhose: Calzedonia
Boots: Zanotti
Glasses: Chanel
Rings: MVPcreations

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