Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Bohemian look and jeans that shape your behind!!!


Ciao Pinelle!!!

Today I’m going to show you a slightly bohemian look. 🙂

The idea came to me during the first stage of the Marks&Angels Tour in Turin at my friend’s shop Kristina Ti. The presentation went very well but, looking around, I fell in love with a few pieces in her collection and I simply couldn’t resist…
I instantly spotted this super furry gilet, very feminine I think and easy to match!!! Under the gilet I put a half-sleeve blouse with a colourful floral pattern and a black body stocking underneath, for more cover.

Then I teamed them with a pair of very tight Gas skinny jeans, which provide a surprising push-up effect! (See how my B side stands out?!? :D)
You’re probably thinking “how hard is it to squeeze into those tight jeans!!!” but no! The incredible thing is, being stretch fabric, they slip on so easily and are really comfortable! Once on, they feel like a second skin! 🙂

I completed the look with one of my Marks&Angels bags (straight from the new collection!) and my current passion … lots of different rings!!!

In this post, my dear Pinelle, I’ve included a new feature that I’d like to “test out” on you! By moving the mouse over some of the photos and over the garments I’m wearing, a tag will appear with some product information, a link for the brand if you’re interested in the collection or the garment itself, and what’s more, you can share the picture on a social network if you fancy asking your friends for their opinion! Under all photos you can  nonetheless find my classic list with the links to the brands, but this new tag on the photos is pretty useful I think. Do you agree?

Ciao pinelle, see you soon!!!!!

Jeans: Gas
Camicia: Kristina Ti
Body: Wolford
Giacca lana: Kristina Ti
Occhiali: Ray-Ban
Anelli: Iosseliani
Borsa: Marks&Angels
Scarpe: Rag & Bone

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