Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Milan: press day for Marks&Angels


Ciao my dear pinelle, today I want to tell you about my day in Milan for the presentation of the Marks&Angels summer collection to the press.
I already gave you pinelle an exclusive peek into the first few snaps of the new collection for the M&A Tour launch! Hehehehe! 😉

Laura and I spent the whole day in our Milan press office “Guitar“, meeting and greeting lots of fashion journalists and telling them about the birth and evolution of our brand.

I must admit, pinelle, that I was a tad nervous. I’m used to meeting journalists to talk about my work, but I’m not yet accustomed to meeting them to talk about this project… But it was really interesting and fun!!!

My friend Nina Palmieri also came to see me, who even you’ve definitely seen on TV, and I decided that the model for today’s look on my blog would be her. She was just so perfect for this! I loved her look made up of vintage pieces. Very rock ‘n’roll, wouldn’t you say?

I want to take the opportunity to thank all the journalists who came to see me that were so nice to me and my business partner Angelilli.

 Look Nina

T-shirt: Takkoda – Pets Rock
Sequinned cardigan: Zara
Leather jacket: mercatino vintage
Faux-fur jacket: vintage
Belt: Liebeskind Berlin
Boho ring: vintage
Jeans: Xetra Italia
Boots: Loco


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