Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Ciao Pinelle!

Today my outfit is inspired by the biker look and I thought about not wearing tights, even if it is a bit crazy given that after stepping one foot out of the house I will get a cold or the flu! Ahahahah

However I decided brave it anyway and Claudia used a special iPhone filter to create a street-style effect!

I combined this amazing skirt from Odi et Amo, made from various layers of leather and studs and I must say that the elasticated waist makes it very comfortable… feels like I’m wearing a track suit! The t-shirt is from the MDV line designed by Mariano di Vaio, one of the few Italian fashion bloggers famous not only here but also overseas.
To make my look more rock-chick, I combined my inseparable studded leather jacket and my new biker boots from Ash copied from Claudia, do you remember them? I bought them from Lemlo, a shop in Rome that sells this brand… lucky for me I found them in the sale!!!
Finally to give the look that edge I selected my new Versace bag… I love it! Nothing more rock-chick than my friend Donatella!!!! 🙂

Besides the look have you guys noticed I cut my hair?? Do you like it?

Skirt: Odi et Amo
T-shirt: MDV Mariano di Vaio
Boots: Ash
Leather jacket: WLG by Giorgio Brato
Bag: Versace
Bracelet: Yvonne Christa
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban


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