Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

African Inspired


Ciao Pinelle!

We’ve had almost Spring temperatures these last few days in Rome… and even if the sun does come and go I decided to put on this ‘light’ look to take Mia for a walk!

You know that I like to mix different moods together, and this maxi skirt by Aniye By gave me another great inspiration! 
In perfect African Style with vibrant colours… it made me suddenly start to dream. Yes, as you already know, I want the good weather to come now!!!
On top I wore a powder pink blouse by Aniye By again. I have a weakness for this colour, maybe you know this already… but I think combining it with a skirt in a dark base colour really makes it stand out!

And then I couldn’t resist showing off my legendary denim jacket from TopShop, a true likeness to spring!! For the final touch I couldn’t not wear my yellow Marks&Angels: hot and bright like a real ray of sun!!!

Mia didn’t keep still for a minute whilst we took the photos! You can see a glimpse of her in some of them. 😉

And what do you have to say to me about my look?? Do you like it?

Kisses to all!!

 Maxi skirt and blouse: Aniye By
Denim jacket: TopShop
Ankle boots: Isabel Marant
Earring: Rossella Catapano
Ring: Gioielli nel Tempo
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Bag: Marks&Angels

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