Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

A Casa di Alessia and Club de La Pinella!


Monday 3rd March! We’re there!!!!
Italian Big Brother 13 starts tonight (yes!) and I’m starting to get butterflies. I know I should be used to it, but with the excitement of the first episode (yay!), you never get used to it!!!

Below you will find some photos from the previous series of Big Brother, which I am quite fond of!
But this series is exciting for its originality and for other reasons that concern you!
In fact in conjunction with the beginning of this new adventure, I decided to launch two new parts to the blog, with exclusive surprises only for you!

The first surprise is called #acasadialessia, a new page where we can talk live about the Big Brother episodes; obviously I will only chat during the break. Eheheh We haven’t started yet but you can start to post immediately while waiting for me to start tonight!
You can tweet directly to the page, or tag your instagram photos #acasadialessia. I liked the idea to put together your posts and mine together in a single “forum”, as if it were a big chat room! So tonight I will look forward to hearing from you all at #acasadialessia!; )

So for the second piece of news! I wanted to create a little members area! By joining the CLUB de LaPinella, you’ll form a big family of Pinelle and Pinelli!!! 😀 There you will find exclusive content! You can get a peep at the backstage and rehearsals photos, and previews from the next episode’s looks! Some of you can also come to the studio and take part in the audience giving live commentary on the episode!! Basically it will be an exclusive area for you Pinelle!!

What do you think? See you tonight on Canale 5 for the first episode of Big Brother 13… I’ll be looking forward to talking about it online with you!!

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