Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Paola Marella: advice on new office and a chat between friends!


Hey Pinelle!!!!

A few days ago I was in Milan and I met the marvellous Paola Marella to talk to her about my new office and for her to give me some advice on how to make it more unique!
I often watched her on TV while doing up apartments for those desperate to sell them or while she searched the whole of Italy looking for properties for the fussiest of buyers! Home improvements have always interested me, observing the renovations made is often a source of inspiration for our little improvements.

I must say that Paola showed me lots of her favourite magazines and I asked her especially for advice on the use of lighting in an apartment/office like this one where Claudia and I will often take photos.

But like a good Pinella I couldn’t resist… my eyes dropped to her gorgeous bag! So I asked her if I could take pictures of her whole look because it was so nice!

It was lovely to chat to her, we discovered that we have many things in common. I wanted to take lots of photos of her because she has such a unique style!!! : )

Alessia’s Look:
Trousers: Cycle
Jumper: TopShop
Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff
Bag: Meli Melo

Paola’s Look:
Jacket: SE!
trousers: Alberto Biani
Silk Blouse: Drumhor
Shoes: Prada
Ring: Lingottino
Necklace: Donatella Pellini
Bag: Céline

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