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Grande Fratello 13 Episode 2 Look


Here we are Pinelle!
My look from episode 2 of Grande Fratello 13!

A few months before a TV programme starts Claudia and I take a trip around various showroom boutiques to choose some outfits. We always take a large selection because when the lights and studio are ready we then have to try them out to see how they look on camera.

For this series of GF13 we decided to start with Fausto Puglisi, the first dress was long, you can see it in our Club, instead for the second episode, among all the dresses we have to choose from, I decided on this outfit, the bright colours instantly made me feel #happy!

Red and pink two-tone skirt and on top a silk palm tree print jumper.

As for the shoes I was a little indecisive until the last minute… At first I wanted to create a strange contrast and wear azure-blue shoes, but in the end I changed my mind and decided I liked the black shoes with the gold heel more!

So…. do you prefer this short outfit or did you expect something long like in the first episode?
Kiss to you all, until the next look!!


Total Look: Fausto Puglisi
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti Design
Belt: Fausto Puglisi
Ring and Earrings: Rossella Catapano

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