Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Grande Fratello 13 Episode 3 Look


Here I am Pinelle! Below you will find all the photos we took yesterday in the dressing room of my look from the third episode of GF13 !
 I must say that we finished a bit late last night!!!!! ehhehe

A white skirt with black palm trees, and a black blouse with some beautiful gold buttons that recall the details in the belt and in the heels of my Zanotti stilettos.
And yes, you caught me: the same belt and shoes from the last show.
In the dressing room I had two options by Fausto Puglisi and we were indecisive about which one to wear right until the last moment, on top of this, choosing which pair of shoes to wear turns into a real crisis…shoes are my weak point, I just love them all… they have such intricate details!! I always risk being late on stage for the opening, and Claudia by now has resigned! :D
And to finish it off with a touch of light some Maria Vittoria Paolillo rings!

Some of my Pinelle were in the audience this episode!!! I met them just a bit before I had to join the newscast and we were just able to take some quick photos together before the show! They had a peep at the studio while it was still empty and tweeted all through the show!!! Did you guys tweet them at #acasadialessia?

To come and see me at the studio, and to join the audience, all you have to do is join our club and send an e-mail with all your details. I’ll be waiting for you!!!!

Come on, I’m curious…which out of the three outfits is your favourite??


Skirt and blouse: Fausto Puglisi
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti Design
Rings: MVPCreations
Belt: Fausto Puglisi

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