Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

70’s playsuit


Hey pinelle!

Here’s a bit of a daring look again today.
But I have to let you in on a secret… I didn’t feel 100% comfortable during the shoot, but it’s true I love to experiment and show you the end result anyway!
It’s a very low-cut playsuit, that highlights your curves and shows quite a lot of leg… but it was just too cute to not put in the blog!!!! 😀

The pattern recalls 70’s designs, and having this lovely low-cut neckline I wore a black lace bra underneath. The outfit turned out to be very sexy, so I decided to soften it a little adding some not too flashy accessories.
They’re all the same style and colour. The brown ankle boots give it that country touch that I love so much, I combined them with a brown leather oversized bag and a waist belt. I felt that the outfit worked better like this, don’t you think?
Clearly it’s a more of a summer look suitable for the warmer weather, for an evening at the sea side perhaps.

What do you say, have I given you any good ideas?

Kisses… until tonight!!!!


Playsuit: Blue Life
Belt: Lanvin
Bra: Agent Provocateur
Bag: Meli Melo
Ankle boots: Rag&Bone
Earring: Mediterraneo Gioielli 

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